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Quarry Lane

Quarry Lane was our first site which we opened in September 2014. This is an idyllic setting with great access to Chichester and the A27. In May 2014 the house could barely be seen due to all the nettles and brambles, but after much hard work the setting was transformed to what it is now - a safe and secure place for your children to play, explore and to enjoy their time with us in a homely environment. All the children love the garden. It has a large lawn, trees, a vegetable patch, herb garden and our very own ducks, which the children love to feed. We can watch the wildlife on and around the lakes which includes moorhens, coots, and herons and the geese and swans which come to see us every year with their babies. We regularly find frogs and toads living under rocks in the garden, which the children carefully collect in buckets to look at more closely. Of course they are always put back gently where they were found! We encourage the children to think of the garden as theirs, they can pick the raspberries and blackcurrants when they’re ripe, eat peas straight from the pods and dig in the digging patch. The mud kitchen is very popular where lots of mud pies are made, and the toy soldiers have huge camps around the garden. Our ‘Wigloo’ provides a lovely shady place for more quiet times and also a fantastic place for picnic teas. We are advocates of the 'outdoor learning environment' and use our wonderful garden whatever the weather. Our children love being outdoors!

The main cabin has an array of resources and activities for children of all ages to enjoy. There is a role play area with an amazing selection of dressing up clothes to choose from, plenty of construction and small world toys to encourage imaginative play, a cosy book corner for quiet times and of course plenty of more structured age appropriate games.

All our creative activities take place in a separate cabin which the children call The Dinette. The Dinette is used for painting and printing, cutting and sticking and cooking and baking. All the children love cooking, trying out new recipes is encouraged and sometimes they even make up their own. The Dinette is also our dining area. All the children sit down together for tea, it is a lovely social time when news telling is encouraged along with lovely Lakeview manners!

Lakeview is a technology free zone! We are fully aware of the effect screen time has on young children, so for 2-3 hours it’s only imaginations that are used freely.
Some of the activities the children take part in on a daily basis are:

To mess about is to play with something and it is through play - which is part of the creative process - that children learn and develop

Using our services

Due to childminding restrictions, we do have a waiting list for Quarry lane, however this list changes on a daily basis due to parents changing jobs, homes and other reasons. So just because we are full today doesn’t mean we won’t have a place tomorrow. We ask all our prospective parents to come and meet us and the other children to see the care we provide.


Our standard morning hours are 07:30 until we drop your child off at school. We ensure the children are prepared for school by providing a good breakfast and more quiet structured activities.


15:30-18:30 Once your children are dropped off back at their "Lakeview home" by our drivers, they have a healthy snack and then they can choose their activities. At 5pm we have tea where we all sit together and socialise; this is a parent free time.


We do not charge per session, however we charge £6.50 per hour or part of. We feel this is fairer to you busy parents as it’s a more flexible approach to working hours. Due to the different finishing times of local schools, our hourly sessions are charged from 3.30pm. We also charge a £3.00 pick- up fee per family. Our fees include healthy snacks and a substantial tea. We accept a variety of payment methods all of which are explained on our payment page


We know that sometimes you may need childcare early or later than your standard hours and we will try to accommodate your needs. Unsociable hours are charged at £9.00 per hour. If you do have any issues or worries please let us know and we will always try to accommodate you.

Holiday Club

We offer a holiday club for some of the school holidays but these are published closer to the time. We have a busy time, with lots of activities and trips out to local venues. Fees are our standard hourly rate and includes all food, drink and outings.

School Runs

We offer a drop off and pick up service from various schools within the Chichester area using our team of drivers. All our drivers are suitably DBS checked, trained in paediatric first aid, have business class 1 insurance and the appropriate child safety seat for your children.

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