Lakeview Childcare

Quality Childcare in the Chichester area.
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Booking your sessions

We do not charge a session fee as you may have different requirements, so we allow you to book online for the hours you need. We charge per hour or part of so that you can be flexible in your childcare (trains are always later than expected!) Once booked in, payments are non refundable; we do expect payment within 7 days or late payment fees may be applied.

Payment Options

Once you have booked your child(ren) into one of our sessions you will receive an invoice by email. You then have many ways to pay for your childcare:

Internet Transfer/Online Banking.

To keep our costs down we prefer internet transfer as we do not incur charges for this method and is very quick to process. Once you have set up your payment instruction its very quick to pay again. All you need to do is include your name as the payment reference. Our bank details are included within your invoice

Childcare Vouchers

We accept many Childcare voucher schemes, some of which are below.
If your voucher scheme is not listed then please let us know so we can register with them. 
Eden RedOur account/reference number is: P20944599
computershare Our Account/Reference Number is: 0021339492
KiddiSave Our Account/Reference number is: N85783

SodexoOur Account/reference number is: 836155
Our account/reference is: PO19 8PB
rg_logo_horizontal.png Our account/reference is: 98247242028
care4 Our Account/reference is 12812847


Cheques and Cash

and of course we still accept cash and cheques. You will get a receipt for you payment, if our staff forget to give you one, please ask.

Late payment fees

We do require that our fees are paid within 7 days, unless you have made arrangements with us. If fees are not paid within 7 days we do reserve the right to add late payment fees to your next invoice. Our payment policy and other policies are available to you when you logon to your control panel.

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